BEST Pokemon GO Cheat, Catch ALL Pokemon, Simulate GPS on iPhone, Prevent Soft Bans, Pokevision Replacement


BEST Pokemon GO Cheat, Catch ALL PokemonThis tutorial is for iOS ONLY. You will need Xcode, which is a free program by Apple that you can download here:

You will also need these two links:

This is my favourite Pokemon Go cheat that will help you catch em all even outside of your own country.

Alright so first thing’s first we’re going to have our iPhone plugged into our computer through USB. Then we’re going to fire up Xcode. Hit command space on your keyboard to search it up.

Fill out the project credentials including the name and where it will be stored. Select your device as your iPhone.

Hit shift command R to build for running.

Then hit play. Wait for it to install on your iPhone. The application should just pop up!

Now we’re going to find a Pokemon we want to catch. Visit skip Find your desired Pokemon. I want a Gyarados.

Click on it, then select directions. It will pop up a map. Copy either the longitude or latitude and head on over to the GPS file generator site, whose link is in the description below. Paste in your longitude and latitude. Download the file.

Back in Xcode, select the location icon and then hit add your own file. This will add it as a location. Select that location.

Now fire up Pokemon Go. Or if you already have it open it will transport you to your desired location. Once you’re there, catch it.

Congrats I just caught a Gyarados.

Now there’s a more efficient way. Just edit the longitude and latitude coordinates in that file in Xcode, then under location select “Don’t Simulate Your Locations”, and then reselect your edited file.

Please note that you shouldn’t be switching continents or even going all the way across the city as you will get soft banned. To un-ban yourself, find a pokestop and keep spinning it until it delivers the goods. It may take up to 40 spins until the goods are delivered. If you don’t do this all of your Pokemons will run away.

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