Playful Floating Sculptures – The Art Installation ‘Starburst’ by FriendsWithYou is Exhibiting at Brookfield Place


FriendsWithYou Starburst Art Installation at Brookfield Place in TorontoIf you want to get some extra luck this weekend then look no further than Brookfield Place. The art installation ‘Starburst’ by FriendsWithYou is said to shower people with Magic, Luck and Friendship as they pass by.

Luminato commissioned the piece and it first appeared at the Allen Lambert Galleria in June 2010. Perfectly framed by the architecture that surrounds it, the piece is a sculpture made of nylon floating in mid air.

The Los Angeles based duo Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III are inspired by “everything.” The sculpture was made to resemble a phoenix or a star and represents our changing emotions as each day passes.

‘Starburst’ at Brookfield Place will brighten up any passerby’s day and is a great reminder that Spring is just around the corner. The installation runs from February 26th to March 10th.


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