Paulina Gretzky White Dress US Open Fox News Sports Camerman Almost Caught Wardrobe Malfunction


paulina gretzky white dress us openLooks like Paulina Gretzky’s back nine was just as good as her husband’s.

If you get a bunch of bros in one room and talk about hot women in sports (which generally is a topic of discussion) you will find that Paulina Gretzky always seems to come up. Her dad is a famous Hockey Player (Wayne Gretzky, duh) and her mom is a super hot model. So the chances of her having really amazing genetics were high, and chemistry did not disappoint.

Her husband Dustin Johnson won his first major triumph at the U.S. Open. But like, golf? I mean, who cares about that! Especially when Paulina is in tow.

The couple went to the Oakmont Country Clubhouse to celebrate. Along the way they were followed by a Fox Sports cameraman, who as some pointed out was the real hero of the night. It turns out, filming the winner going to the club house to celebrate is totally a thing so it’s not like he was being a perve or anything. His camera just happened to be on, and happened to be pointing directly at her backside. Totally a coincidence.

I want to know what her famous dad, Wayne Gretzky, thought of that number.

But all I got were these social media opinions, instead.

Chris Illuminati writes, Congrats to the US Open cameraman assigned to follow Paulina Gretzky’s ass all the way up to the winner’s podium.

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Aaron Legge writes, “the cameraman who followed Paulina Gretzky up those stairs is the real champion.”

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