One Direction Performs FourFiveSeconds in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge: Natalia Imbruligia “Torn,” “Perfect,” “Story of My Life” and MORE!


One Direction sang FourFiveSeconds in their first ever BBC Live Lounge Thursday. They completely nailed their cover of Kanye West, Rihanna and Paul McCartney’s hit single. Their rendition was just as low key and stripped down as the original. The track is from Rihanna’s upcoming album that will be released in late January.

The boys also performed “Drag Me Down,” Perfect,” “Story of My Life,” “Town,” and an orchestral version of “Infinity,” If you remember, they performed “Torn” on The X Factor back in 2010 and they did another version of it today.

The reviews are in: they killed it. 1D4everBest wrote, “One Direction cover Torn right not on BBC Radio 1!! This version is perfect!!!!!!!! Love it!” They were even presented with a belated Teen Award for Best British Group.

But not everything was perfect for Directioners. Liam Payne revealed that One Direction will be taking a two-year break when they go on hiatus in March next year.

Payne said: “Obviously we’re all going to take a break for a little bit and consider where we are in the world. I just want to write songs, that’s been the most fun process out of this, except for touring, has been the writing of the songs and we’re going to come back so there’s something to write for as well, for us and other people .
“We haven’t really had time to write an album and whereas two years off … Writing’s not really a job, it’s so much fun, we’ve always had to rush it so it’s nice in these two years I’m going to write some songs and see what happens.”

One Direction’s Made in the AM drops tomorrow. Are you upset about the hiatus? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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