One Direction Harry Styles EMBARASSED by Ellen Degeneres: Never Have I Ever, Zayn Malik Diss


Ellen Degeneres invited One Direction on to promote their new album “Made in the A.M.” on her show

They joked around that they cut Zayn Malik from the band so they could all fit on the couch. When asked if they knew Zayn would leave the band, Louis Tomlinson said, “I mean we kind of hand a feeling.”

Zayn said in his interview for The FADER Magazine says that he “just wanted to go home from the beginning.”

But that wasn’t the only juicy gossip from their talk show stint.

They played Never Have I Ever with Ellen. But with paddle boards instead of drinks. And Harry did not look like he was enjoying himself.

He admitted he made out with someone twice his age. He also admitted to hooking up a fan. The crowd all the while squealed with excitement.

Ellen even had Harry admit that he had heard a song written about him. They were referring to “Style” by Taylor Swift.

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