Obama Labor Day Speech in Wisconsin: Rallies union workers with minimum wage hike


The Obama Labor Day speech rallied in Wisconsin. The president says America deserves a raise. He boasts that the economy is doing well because of “bottom up economics.”

But this change didn’t come easy. Obama was met with resistance from the opposition. The republicans caused him a lot of grey hairs, but – taking a dig at their leader – “at least he still has some.”

The group of 6000 union workers cheered about Obama’s comments. Despite his waning popularity, the speech set the tone for a midterm election in which every member of the House, one-third of the Senate and 36 governors will be elected.

In 2010 the venue hosted Obama’s $50 billion plan to boost federal spending in transportation. It died in congress.

Did the Obama Labor Day speech feel more like campaigning? Watch the video and decide!


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