Nicki Minaj’s Beyoncé Impression On Saturday Night Live is Flawless


Nicki Minaj channels her best friend Beyoncé in a hip hop nativity skit on SNL. The hilarious piece turned the classic tale of the day Jesus was born into an MTV special called “Jingle Ballerz.”
With just the right amount of sacrilegious humor, Beyonce was Mary – “The Original Teen Mom” – and Justin Bieber was Joseph. Bieber continually danced in the background of the skit. James Franco played Riff Raff and was one of the three wise men with Eminem and Rick Ross. Of course, Kanye west was God.
The skit used lyrics from famous songs to make up the lines. “He woke up like this,” Minaj sang to describe the perfection that is baby Jesus, “flawless.” “One day, he will turn water into wine, and we’ll all be drunk in love,” again describing her famous offspring.
From singing to acting, Nicki Minaj had a flawless performance on SNL that really showed off her talent. It continually amazes me how rappers with heavy swear words in their lyrics don’t make the mistake of using them in their live performances on TV.
“Can I get real with y’all?” Minaj asks the estatic crowd. She then goes into a song that was very personal about her dream to have her own child in 7 years. It gave a very human aspect to the Anaconda-singer.
In my opinion, Nicki stole the show. Her Beyoncé impression was by far the best. Although, playing Queen B probably came naturally to her, since she’s royalty herself. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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