NBA All Star Celebrity Game 2016: Drake Disses Meek Mill During Kevin Hart Interview, Canada vs USA


NBA All Star Celebrity Game 2016The NBA All Star Celebrity Game 2016 happened tonight in Toronto at the Ricoh Coliseum. And it was pretty epic. I mean, Canada really proved how bad ass we are secretly are. In case the free health care didn’t prove that enough.

Yes, tonight we won the game. But what’s more, Drake took shots at Philadelphia, saying if we’re talking about that city than “it’s been a rough year.” Kevin Hart is from Phili and guess who else? Meek Mill.

Drake was also given the key to the city tonight by Mayor John Tory. The rapper was also the coach of the Canadian team. Kevin Hart was the coach of the American team.

Was this a shot at Meek Mill? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscrbe!


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