World’s Most Expensive Hamburger

Most Expensive Hamburger Joseph Morris

Most Expensive Hamburger Joseph MorrisWho would have thought the world’s most expensive hamburger would be at Jack in the Box? Definitely not a Canadian, such as myself, since we don’t have that chain up here. Instead, we just get Beaver Tails and Timbits.

But this guy, he kind of makes me long for the American belief that “bigger is better.” He pulls up to a Jack in the Box drive-thru with his baby and tow and orders the “world’s most expensive fast food hambuger” for $38.23.

The world’s most expensive hamburger comes complete with 20 patties, a deli trio, 5 orders of bacon, and much more. The guy taking his order definitely had a huge smile on his face passing it to him (complete with a heavenly glow.) He didn’t know that putting all of that on a hamburger was even possible.

I wonder how many calories would be in it?


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