Mobile Marketing Will Be Worth $400 Billion by 2015

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corporate-video-production-toronto-eyewear-by-greenscreen-exampleNo one has time for desktop computers anymore, it’s all about mobile marketing. After all, Jack Dorsey, the founder of twitter, only works off an iPad.

People are turning more and more to the Internet and their smartphones for the content they want to read. No longer are people chained down to what the programming on television says.

So how do the advertisers win?

Well, were you browsing a University degree online and started seeing ads for a college pop up in your Facebook newsfeed? Welcome to the world of mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing in 2011 was a $14 billion industry. By 2015, it will be worth $400 billion.

For more fun stats, check out this spectacular infographic from Top Marketing Schools.

Did you know that 86% of viewers use their smartphone while watching television. How about putting fun extras on your website so that people can get more action on their smartphone!

The possibilities of mobile marketing are endless, and we are constantly on the cusp of making more discoveries.

Joseph Morris provides mobile marketing for your business. By optimizing your video productions for the web, including geotagging on Instagram, your brand will stand out.


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