Mischa Barton was hospitalized for a mental evaluation on Thursday. The 31 year old actresses disturbing behaviour alerted the neighbours to call the police. Nuala Quinn-Barton exclusively told Radar online that, “I’m sorry, I don’t know anything.”

It is alleged that Barton was seen in her backyard hanging over her fence while ranting about her estranged mother being a “witch.” The dramatic event took place at 7 in the morning.

Pictures showed her dressed in only a dress shirt and a tie. But Seargent Duncan told Radar that she was “full clothed” yet was “speaking incoherent statements.”

The actress was rushed to the hospital on her own accord. The last time she was in the hospital was in 2009 when she was held involuntary. The actress said it was just a bad reaction to wisdom tooth removal.

Mischa Barton’s Alleged Meltdown: Hospitalized for Mental Evaluation, Backyard, Randing About Mom Being a ‘Witch’

The last time Mischa Barton made headlines when she made a political statement about Black Lives Matter calling the police “pigs.” Many felt this was out of touch with reality since at the time she was on a private yacht.

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