Miley Cyrus ‘Bangerz’ Sold 250000 In Its First Week


Gone are the days where Miley Cyrus donned a cowgirl outfit to play the sweet-as-apple-pie Hannah Montana. She has taken a Rihanna-esque approach to the promotion of her new album.

Bangerz, her “totally adult” album, sold 250000 in its first week. Her secret sauce? Add a little twerking, self-aware comedy, and acapella renditions of We Can’t Stop with the Roots. Mix it up, sprinkle on some talent. And voila: Miley is killing it.

So we are the silent majority here. While Sinead O’Connor and Arizona Iced tea criticize Miley for being too callous, the fact remains that everyone and their mother is talking about her.

I teamed up with Holly In The City to discuss #mileythemovement. Check out the video above. It’s a new channel we are opening that analyzes everything pop culture!


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