Mick Fanning Survives Shark Attack at Jay Bay Open – Says He Punched The Great White Shark!

mick fanning shark attack

And the award for the most manliest Australian I know goes to: Mick Fanning – the guy who punched a shark to avoid an attack.

Shark Week may have been over last Sunday, but the scares keep coming. One of the world’s best surfers survives his encounter with the klling machine during a live competition.

The encounter took place at the World Surf League’s Jay Bay Open. The event takes place annually off the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It was streaming live on the Internet when the incident took place.

Afterwards he told an interviewer that he “punched it in the back” The event was cancelled after the attack.

What do you think? Did Mr. Fanning actually punch the shark? Watch the video and let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Shark attacks, as if TLC taught us anything, aren’t that common. Could’ve fooled us. Lord knows I won’t be swimming off the coast of South Africa anytime soon!


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