Mathew Borrett Illustrates Toronto’s Apocalyptic Future

joseph morris Mathew Borrett

What would our great and lovable City of Toronto look like if it were to succumb to a post-apocalyptic, dystopian future? Artist Mathew Borrett helps us find out.

“I’ve been sketching and doodling along this theme for many years. It’s just something I’m into. I love ruins and I like to think far into the future and imagine how our familiar landmarks might fare,” Borrett, a visual effects artist for film and television, told the Toronto Star.

The images, titled ‘A Future Toronto’, will be showcased in Spacing Magazine as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. The shocking illustrations are already creating a huge buzz on social media. The iconic towers (including the CN Tower and the Skydome) that met their doom hit home to many people.

“Everything’s kind of a barren, dry wasteland when you think of post-apocalyptic imagery. That’s something I was quite consciously trying to avoid by showing there was some resilience and life was going on and that people have adapted,” Borrett said.

Indeed, if you look close enough, there are hints of greenery peaking through the barren wasteland.

Prints are available at the Spacing pop-up store at Richmond & Portland in Toronto.


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