Mariah Carey New Year’s Eve Performance Melt Down 2017: Dick Clark’s Rocking’ Eve


Mariah CareyMariah Carey New Year’s Eve Performance Melt Down 2017: Dick Clark’s Rocking’ Eve really dropped the ball on this one.

Ms Carey’s New Years Eve Performance at Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve 2017 was heavily hyped by ABC and it ended up being a disaster. But it was definitely an appropriate end to 2016 in my opinion.

The legendary songstress was singing “Emotions” and she struggled to reach the notes when she was singing live. We also found out her whistle tones are actually a track. She told the audience “we can’t hear,” in the opening seconds of the song.

Ms. Carey told the audience there had not been a proper sound check and asked them to just sing instead.

She managed to do some choreography noting that she is “trying to be a good sport here.” When the number ended the crowd cheered her on.

“That was amazing.”

She seemed to recover at first with “We Belong Together”. But the train wreck continued when she flat out gave up but the recording continued to play, a confirmation that she was lip-syncing.
“It just don’t get any better,” she said, and then left the stage.

A dispute erupted between Ms. Carey’s representatives and the veteran audio producer Robert Goldstein of Maryland Sound International. Goldstein says “Every monitor and in-ear device worked perfectly. I can’t comment beyond that and don’t know what her nontechnical issue may have been.”

Do you think it was a technical malfunction or was Mariah Carey caught lip syncing at her New Year’s Eve Performance for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve 2017? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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