Margot Robbie is known to play some pretty hot characters. So I found it pretty hard to imagine her as Tonya Harding. But then they completely made her over and put her in a ridiculous outfit and got her to say an iconic line, telling the judges to perform oral on her. Robbie completely nailed the iconic line and looked so believable as Tonya.

Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding Behind The Scenes: SUCK MY D***!

The clip is from behind the scenes of the Tonya movie. Tonya hired a hitman to destroy her competitions legs so she couldn’t figure skate before an event. In the scene, Harding got pissed at U.S. Figure Skating officials dissing her outfit.

Maybe Margot isn’t the perfect fit for the role as she’s stunning and gorgeous and totally, absolutely beautiful. But she got the lines down. And whomever is her makeup artist is definitely working the 80s figure skating glam look. Totally believable and I am seeing the vision.

So much so that I smell an Oscar!

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