Beautiful Living Photos of Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square


Tumblr popularized gif culture. And Flixel wants a piece of the cake. But does Flixel offer a better way to make living photos?

Flixel serves up their own application, Cinemegraph, at around $100. It has an incredibly easy to use interface and even won an Apple Design Award this past June. You choose whether you want your moving images to be gifs or video.

Living photos have various applications including digital magazines, lookbooks, user interfaces and more.

But you can also make moving moving images using Adobe CS6.

The following two images are video made with Adobe CS6. They are looping and autoplaying. Unfortunately, HTML5 autoplay does work on mobile applications. Developers disabled the autoplay feature to control bandwith. Firefox allows these images to work, but Chrome does not. The only workaround is to code a javascript that allows you to play the videos by tapping your screen (which is awkward).


A tryst:



A walk through the fountains:


The next image was made using Flixel. It works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile.

This image is a looping gif made with Adobe CS6.


My cat:

I prefer exporting my hyper realistic, moving images as gifs. I don’t like Flixel’s embed feature as it displays their logo and link. And embedding videos using HTML5 do not work on mobile applications because autoplay features are disabled. Go team gif!


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