Leonardo Dicaprio Pranks Jonah Hill in New York City


Leonardo Dicaprio Pranks Jonah HillIf there’s one way to scare a celebrity, it’s to pretend you’re a crazy paparazzi.

Normally Leonardo DiCaprio can be found on some extravagant vacation surrounded by supermodels between shooting his blockbuster movies. But this time he wasn’t on a Yacht, but on the mean streets of New York City. He was there to meet up with his ol’ pal Johah Hill.

He didn’t approach him in a friendly manner, instead he got his attention by pranking him.

As Jonah was standing outside of the restaurant, the Titanic superstar ran up to the comedian like he was a random, crazed fan. He even had his cell phone out as if he was doing the most epic Snapchat. It was a complete Dad joke that gave me the lols.

Hill freaked out and then they hugged it out.

What we learned from the video is that Leo’s dad transformation is now complete, cargo shorts and all. But, leo, if you’re watching, feel free to scare me on the street anytime.

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