A demo version for Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks’ collaboration “Red Flame” has leaked online.

The track was originally meant for her ARTPOP album in 2013, but failed to make the cut.

Lady Gaga “Red Flame” ft Azealia Banks Leaks ARTPOP Unreleased Track REVIEWIt’s still a mystery if the track will ever be released. But Lady Gaga has commented before that Banks has a quote “Bad Attitude.”

The banger is an electro rap track heavily dominated by Banks’ rapping.

In July 2016, Banks suggested that Gaga copied her style by naming her album ARTPOP three days after Banks declared “Witch-Hop” a genre of music.

She even took to Twitter in now deleted tweets where she wrote, “Make sure u let them know where u got the title for red flame from. U stole that from the demo I sent u,” then added “this one is free. Next time I’m charging.”

Gaga promises her next album will have more quote “clarity” than ARTPOP. American Horror Story greatly infused her next album.

Gaga has been in the studio with producers including RedOne and Mark Ronson in the past year as she works on tracks for the record.

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