Lady Gaga National Anthem Super Bowl 50: Slays performance of ‘Star Spangled Banner’


Oh Lady Gaga. The Queen of Transformation. For awhile there I was kind of concerned about her. After The Fame Monster alienated some of her fan base (comparing it to Madonna) and even Madonna herself dissed her, it seemed like their was no end in sight for Mother Monster.

But little did we know she was transforming herself into a beacon of amazing performances. Yes, all hail Queen Gaga. She will bless you with iconic fashion sense that Elton John will approve of and high notes only a eunuch can achieve.

Case in point: her Super Bowl 50 national anthem performance. It really doesn’t get better than this, folks. She was dressed head to toe in red with super high heels that appeared to have an American design on them. She completely enraptured the audience and gave a performance with so much vocal risks that even Christina Aguilera would feel not worthy for.

Check out Lady Gaga’s National Anthem performance at Super Bowl 50 above and don’t forget to subscribe!


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