Kylie Jenner Tyga Break Up: Sexy Snapchat, Instagram, Kendall Jenner Flips the Bird


After calling it quits with her year long relationship with Tyga, it looks like Kylie Jenner is winning in the breakup.

King Kylie took to Instagram to share this gorgeous selfie of herself after we learned about her breakup with Tyga. The caption was an only an emoji of a pair of eyeballs and she tagged her squad.

And she also posted a sexy Snapchat of her dancing to “Rich Sex.” Which, if you remember correctly, was that crazy revenge video featuring Blac Chyna. How fitting and meta.

She also deleted every mention of him on her social media.

The 18 year old didn’t show up to Tyga’s birthday party on Thursday night.

Instead she opted for a dinner with her sister Kendall.

My bet is that Kendall had some words of advice to her little sis, and that was: DUMP HIM!

Her supermodel sister posted a photo to her Instagram of her flipping the bird. Was it directed to Tyga?

My question is: is Kylie going to give back that Ferrari? And what is Tyga going to do about his new tattoo? And what caused them to break up? Did she find out he was a cheetah and not a Tyga?

So many important questions.

Who do you think Kylie Jenner will date next? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.



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