Kylie Jenner Wears “Eat Me Out” Mesh Jersey

kylie jenner eat me out snapchat

Kim Kardashian West’s little sister is at it again. Here she is on her Snapchat dancing around wearing a mesh jersey that reads, “Eat Me Out.”

It seems as though Kylie Jenner is always getting herself in trouble with her Snapchat. Including allegedly saying “I’m so high.”

We recently saw the Kylie Jenner lip trend where people made their lips look like hers through suction cupping. Kids these days. W

It seems as though wearing secret messages on mesh Jersey’s is all the rage these days. Remember the Nicki Minaj and Beyonce “Feeling Myself” video where she wore “Pervert #17”? This allegedly has to do with her calling out Tyga.

Anyway, check out the Snapchat on my channel, and let me know if it’s really that big of a deal!


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