Kim Kardashian GQ Awards 2014: Poses nude, presented with wrong award


Kim Kardashian wins women of the year at the GQ Awards. Although it was kind of a hot mess: they got her name wrong TWICE.

The presenter announced, “Please give a big GQ round of applause to Kim Kardashian.” Kim kisses Kanye and they share an exchange. Upon accepting her award she makes the correction: “It’s Kim Kardashian-West… though.”


Then Kim was interviewed backstage and realizes that the award reads Pharrell Williams. She was embarrassed because she took a lot of pictures with it. A representative from the GQ Awards stated that they switched the line up last second, so some of the awards got mixed up.

The Award came right after her Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 9 Finale and posing nude for GQ Magazine. She’s been busy!

Kim Kardashian – err, Kim Kardashian-West – totally rolled with the punches. Check out the video above!


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