Kanye West Supports Donald Trump, "If I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump."“I told you I didn’t vote. But if I would’ve voted, I would’ve voted for Trump.”

During Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour in San Jose, he stopped the show to talk about politics. The rapper admitted to the audience that he didn’t vote, and the crowd cheered. But then he said if he did, he would’ve voted Trump. Which had everyone confused and caused the audience to “Boo.”

The rapper famously said “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People,” during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005. So it came as a surprise to many that he would show support for a man who some allege is a racist.

He went on a longer rant about he will be running for President in 2020, that he appreciated Trump’s debate style and that he is “glad Trump inspired racists to reveal themselves.”

Shalima ‏@shalimazandria writes:

“Kanye in 2005: Bush doesn’t care about black people.

Kanye in 2016: Lol. Neither do I.”

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