Kansas State Marching Band Forms Genitals or Spaceship: William Shatner Weighs In


Kansas State is going to have to cough up a 5 grand fine after it shaped what appeared to be genitalia during its halftime show.

The controversial event happened during the team’s home opener against South Dakota.

They formed the rival team’s mascot and a very phallic looking spaceship crashed into its mouth. The show was supposed to be space themed. Hmm.

The school said today that band director Frank Tracz (Trays) will miss the November 28 game against Kansas and University officials must approve future halftime shows.

The university decided to pay the self-imposed fine after the Big 12 Conference warned of potential sportsmanship and ethical conduct violations.

Tracz has apologized for what he describes as a “misinterpretation.”

Their official account tweeted:

“We apologize for anyone offended by our halftime performance depicting the starship enterprise and the Jayhawk mascot.”

William Shatner even weighed in:

“I think it’s time for the @Big12Conference leaders to step down and get their eyes checked. What a travesty!”

What do you think? Is it a phallus crashing into their mascot?

Watch the Kansas State Half-time Show and let me know in the comments below!


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