Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, Bob Rae, and Chrystia Freeland on Final Leg of Byelection Campaign


Chrystia Freeland got some major backing on the final leg of her campaign by Liberal Party’s Federal leader Justin Trudeau, the Premiere of Ontario Kathleen Wynne, and Bob Rae.

The trail began in Freeland’s headquarters near King and Jarvis and ended at St. Lawrence Market. It was definitely hard trying to capture the moments in the big crowd, but you can check out my photo set: Kathleen Wynne, Justine Trudeau, Bob Rae, and Chrystia Freeland on Final Leg of Campaign.

Appearing on Freeland’s marketing materials, Justin Trudeau says, “To see (people) stepping up and coming forward in our positive campaign, refusing the negativity, saying we can do better by pulling together around Chrystia has just been wonderful.”

I am honoured to be apart of the campaign and I’m a proud supporter of Chrystia Freeland.


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