Justin Trudeau Shirtless on British Columbia Beach: Crashes Wedding Photos in Tofino, British Colombia
Source: Marnie Recker http://www.marnierecker.com

While ‘Murica gets Trump we get Trudeau. Life isn’t fair. I mean, seriously, fuck that crustacean in a suit.

Now that that’s out of the way.

As time goes on it seems more people are learning that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one sexy af dude. But I already knew this. I sort of helped him win his campaign back when he was running. Hell, I even shook hands with him and totally pretended that I didn’t savour that moment. So at the risk of not being too creepy, I made this sexy af montage to show THE WORLD how sexy af he is.

Trudeau was on a beach in Tofino, British Colombia when he totally crashed someone’s wedding photos. The photographer was Marnie Recker. I found the sexy af photos on her Twitter when everybody (yes, internationally) was freaking out.

To be honest, I feel like Canadians are finally getting the attention we deserve. There are ton of sexy af (did I say that enough?) guys here from all sorts of ethnicities and backgrounds. Trudeau is just the tip of the frigidly cold (hey, it’s Canada) iceberg. Canada is like your attic where you go up to every now and again and be like, “Wow, there’s a ton of cool shit up here.” That’s us. Come up to us more often. WE DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION.

Anyway, check out my super creepy video of Justin Trudeau above, complete with grade school PowerPoint transitions (I swear, I’m an actually a decent editor). The song is to Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl” that I am kind of obsessed with and maybe have been listening to it on repeat for the past week. If you don’t like the song, just listen to it over and over again a hundred times like I did and I swear you’ll love it.

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Source shirtless pics by Marnie Recker: http://www.marnierecker.com