That Time I Met Justin Trudeau in Toronto

Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland Joseph Morris

Justin Trudeau is pretty much a Canadian icon now. Ask anyone internationally, and they are bound to recognize him. He’s along the same lines of Ryan Reynolds and Celine Dion. He’s that big.

So it was pretty epic to see him in person at the Toronto Centre Campaign Office Opening with Chrystia Freeland. In fact, I was filming the event.

Chrystia Freeland looked radiant in her red dress (perfect for the Liberal party.) She’s incredibly ambitious. A farmer’s girl from a small town in Alberta with 2 kids! After graduating high school she attended Harvard then went and studied at Cambridge. From there her career is a haze of unrelenting success in journalism. I’m happy to see someone so respectable representing Toronto Centre (which just so happens to by my riding.)

Other notable people there were George Smitherman, Bill Graham and Omar Alghabra, . There was also free pizza, who knew politics could be so fun!?



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