Justin Bieber Purpose: The Movement: Drops Videos for “Sorry,” “What Do U Mean,” “Complex”


A day after Justin Bieber dropped his new album Purpose left all his fans freaking out in a good way, he pulled a Beyonce on us, reeling a bunch of new music videos.

Every hour today, Bieber has been releasing new videos on his Twitter and YouTube, grouping them under the title Purpose: The Movement.

Even songs that already had videos like What Do You Mean” and “I’ll Show You” have new videos.

Those hot dancers from the dance video “Sorry” are back with their crop tops in the “What Do You Mean” video.

Fans are freaking out over the amazing dance moves in his videos and Bieber used voiceover in his videos that fans will be analyzing for months to come!

Keone Madrid writes, “I am so overwhelmingly happy for dance right about now.”

JB Empire says, “I really like these videos so much, such great dancers.”

“Company” short film was filmed at the same place as the “Baby” music video. Cue the tears.

SecuteBelieber says, “They did the dances in the same place that baby music video was filmed, have you noticed?”

To be honest I honestly have made my way through all of Purpose: The Movement. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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