Justin Bieber Grammys Performance “Love Yourself” “Where Are U Now”, Wins First Ever Grammy


Justin Bieber Grammys Performance Love Yourself Where Are U Now 2016Justin Bieber gave an emotional acoustic version of his song “Love Yourself.” He wore a backwards cap and leather printed jacket as he gave a very calm performance of his almost unrecognizable single.

He later performed “Where Are U Now” with Skrillex and Diplo.

Justin Bieber won a Grammy tonight for “Where Are U Now.” The song won best dance recording category. He joked in a Twitter video that the reason why he wasn’t there to receive it was because it wasn’t part of the main event. He shyly spoke to the camera, “You’re putting me on the spot. But um, I just want to say thank you to all the people who supported me over the past couple years, um, but honestly I couldn’t do this without Scooter Braun, he really deserves this away. The reason why it’s his, it’s cause it’s an off camera award and if it was on camera it would be my award.”

Luckily Skrillex and Diplo were there to accept it!

When he showed up to the event he brought his little brother. They both matched super well.

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