Justin Bieber “Sorry” Dance Video Official Music – ReQuest Dance Crew, Royal Family steal spotlight


Sorry not sorry, but the dancers in Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” Dance video totally stole the spotlight. But who are they?

Well they are comprised of 2 hip hop dance groups: ReQuest and Royal Family. And the whole thing is spearheaded by Parris Goebel who tweeted: “Thank you @justinbieber! Choreographed, directed and produced by Meeeee.” Now that is a humble brag.

ReQuest won the World Hip Hop Championships in 2009 and 2010 in the USA. They flew in all the way from New Zealand!

I really enjoyed all their dance moves, included the Twerking on the knees in the line. Hitting each others butts in a line. And the drunk uncle move in 2 lines.

Who do you think danced better? The girls in the Justin Bieber Sorry Dance Video or Drake in Hotline Bling? Watch my recap above and don’t forget to subscribe!


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