Sorry not sorry, but the dancers in Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” Dance video totally stole the spotlight. But who are they?

Well they are comprised of 2 hip hop dance groups: ReQuest and Royal Family. And the whole thing is spearheaded by Parris Goebel who tweeted: “Thank you @justinbieber! Choreographed, directed and produced by Meeeee.” Now that is a humble brag.

ReQuest won the World Hip Hop Championships in 2009 and 2010 in the USA. They flew in all the way from New Zealand!

I really enjoyed all their dance moves, included the Twerking on the knees in the line. Hitting each others butts in a line. And the drunk uncle move in 2 lines.

Who do you think danced better? The girls in the Justin Bieber Sorry Dance Video or Drake in Hotline Bling? Watch my recap above and don’t forget to subscribe!