Justin Bieber Saturday Night Live Calvin Klein Campaign Spoof


Saturday Night Live is back from a very long break (since Thanksgiving) with an epic comeback. The verdict is in: Kate McKinnon is pretty much a national treasure at this point. And she’s a lot of people’s reasons why they tune in to the variety show.

Last night she parodied Justin Bieber in his Calvin Klein ad. The spoof featured Justin Bieber standing on a stool to reach the model’s height, faking real push ups and wearing XXS boxer briefs.

In case you weren’t aware, Bieber was caught in the latest photoshopping scandal. It turned out his bulge, biceps and butt were enhanced.

The Saturday Night Live spoof definitely drew attention to the fact that the teen heart throb has a hard time breaking into his bad boy image. We can’t seem to let go of the “Baby” singer we all once loved.

What do you think of the Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Campaign spoof on Saturday Night Live? Watch the video above and don’t forget to subscribe!


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