Jay-Z Caught in Beyonce’s Photo in Paris, A Dissection


Jay-Z Caught in Beyonce’s Photo in ParisAs it turns out, Beyonce isn’t the one asking Jay Z to take pictures of her. Jay Z’s the one making Beyonce take a picture.

In this photo that surfaced on her website, you can see Jay Z in the mirror getting really into the shot, arched-back, pursed lips and all.

The photo was taken during their vacation to Paris, where Bey and her Blue Ivy wore MATCHING Gucci.

But where was Jay? Where he loved to be. Behind the camera.

But after all that creative direction, he may have felt left out.

And, as this shot exhibits, Jay Z looks pretty dam good himself. So maybe he was intending to take a selfie in the bathroom mirror?

These two give me relationship goals.

It’s as if he’s saying lean, tilt your head into the wall, put your hand above your waist, half-open your lips, yasss Bey, you run the world. Perfection.

I hope you find a man that loves taking photos of you as much as Jay Z does with Beyonce.

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