People dropped their iPhones so you don’t have to


The iPhone 6 DROPPED in Australia today (pun intended).

Jack from Perth Australia was approached by a reporter. She asked him to show off his phone. He tried taking it out, but the case was kind of stuck. So he tried again, and when he finally got it opened, the iPhone flew out with such excitement as if to say, “I’m here world.”

The crowd around him cringed in unison, he picked it up to check if it was broken. It’s unclear from the video whether it’s functioning. But other YouTuber’s tested the results, so you (hopefully) won’t have to.

The results are varying, with one screen insanely damaged from a normal drop, while another test revealed that the guerilla glass held up to its reputation. Do you think the new Apple iPhone 6 lives up to its hype? Watch the Apple iPhone 6 drop test above and you be the judge.


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