iOS 11 BEST Features You Didn’t Know: 13 Most Useful Features for Your iPhone


Apple’s newest operating system for iPhones and iPads is finally here. iOS 11 has a ton of features that are quite useful, but these are my favorite!

iOS 11 BEST Features You Didn’t Know: 13 Most Useful Features for Your iPhone

1. Live Photos is much better.

You can make your photos into GIFs easily. And you can choose which frame you want to use as the main image.

2. You can store twice as many photos and videos on your phone.

Apple changed the compression format for your photos, making their file size smaller. You need to activate this feature by going to the Settings app, select Photos, and then select “Optimize iPhone Storage.”

3. The App Store is much easier on the eyes.

The App Store looks a whole lot prettier. They brought their design language over from Apple Music and News to the App Store. It now features a clean, minimal design with bolder text.

4. iMessage is cleaner looking.

They redesigned the app drawer so it’s actually fun to find GIFs to use in your messages now.

5. Siri can translate for you.

Unfortunately this feature is still in beta and cannot translate Canadian english. But the voice sounds a lot more natural and less robotic.

6. Apple’s keyboard is smarter.

The keyboard will suggest words that you recently used in other apps like your messages app and Safari. You can also use the default keyboard with just one hand. To activate this mode, just hold the emoji key and select one-handed typing to move all the keys.

7. You can manage your control centre.

The control centre was released in iOS 7 where you can swipe up from your screen and access a variety of shortcuts and buttons. Four years later, you can finally choose where those shortcuts are, and where they’re placed.

8. Notifications are streamlined.

Recent and missed notifications are now combined with no separate tabs. Just pull down from the top of your screen to view them all at once!

9. You can turn off all your notifications while driving.

Distracted driving is a real problem. Apple now has a feature that triggers Do Not Disturb mode when the iPhone is in the car. This setting hides notifications for texts, calls, and other apps while you’re driving. The feature can even notify people that you’re driving and will contact them soon.

10. Apple Maps has improved.

Apple added indoor maps for hundreds of airports and shopping centers across the globe, making it much easier to navigate your local mall.

11. iOS 11 makes setting up a new iPhone or iPad much easier now.

When you buy a new iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is hold it close to your other device to import all your settings, preferences, and iCloud Keychain passwords. Magic!

12. The volume box is now no longer in the middle of the screen.

Before the volume box appeared in the middle of the screen. Now it’s tucked away in the top right so you won’t miss any of the action.

13. And now you can instantly share Wi-Fi passwords.

When you need a Wi-Fi password, just find someone who is already using it and hold your device near theirs to transfer the password.

Did I miss any features you love in iOS 11? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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