Introducing New Cats To Each Other


Introducing New Cats Joseph MorrisIntroducing new cats into your home is a lot of fun and an exciting time for all those involved.

As I’m sure many of you know, I got a new Himalayan cat named Monte. He’s totally adorable and everyone on Instagram is giving him so much love.

I have another cat, named Odin. Odin has been a serious love of mine since day one. He’s so photogenic and I knew from the moment that I put a half moon on him that he would be my number one muse.

So I was a little concerned that he may get jealous when I introduced this blue-eyed, gorgeous Himalayan into our home. But here are some tips to make the transition smooth.

Give your new cat a safe place

I gave him our small den to call home. This was his “safe place” for a week where he could explore without interference from the other cat. We kept him in there for about a week. When he started to get comfortable we let him explore.

Introduce him to the rest of the home

Let your new cat roam around your house with the resident cat in another room. This way he can better acquaint himself with his new surroundings.

Slowly introduce their scents to each other

We would give one cat a blanket with the other cat’s hair on it, and vice versa. This way they became accustomed to the other cat.

Introduce the new cat in a cage to the other cat

When your cat has become comfortable with their safe place and the scent of the other cat (about 2 weeks), introduce him in a cage to the other cat. This way there won’t be any fights.

They will fight

Yes, our furniture did get scratched. Yes, they would wake us up in the middle of the night with their fighting. And yes, it was all worth it when we found them grooming each other. Although they do play fight and chase each other from time to time.

They are both male cats, and I have a feeling they are just pretending to hate each other. I’m so happy that my other cat now has a friend to play with and is no longer bored.

I filmed the event of introducing new cats to each other and made it into a short film, check it out above!


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