Instagram Trends: The #Selfie is Dead

instagram trends

This just in: the #selfie is dead, it’s all about the #usie. You see, the #usie is just like the #selfie, but taken with other people in the shot. You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t this just a regular photo?” Why yes, yes it is. But the key is using an outstretched arm, like the selfie.

instagram trends


instagram trends


As it stands now, usie only has around 5000 posts. Whereas the selfie phenomenon has over 69 million!

The usie was brought to our attention when the Pope appeared in one.

instagram trends

A behind the scenes look on how this picture was taken features perfect form and technique.

instagram trends

It’s definitely a challenge in and of itself trying to fit everyone in to the photo! I recommend keeping it to just one other person (or animal). The usie also works best when riding in a car and you can see the passengers behind you!

Just make sure not to make your significant other jealous, as exhibited in the infamous Obama usie.

instagram trends obama usie

The First Lady is not having any of it.


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