How To Closed Caption Videos for Better SEO

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A great way to optimize your video is to add a transcription using YouTube’s closed captioning system. Since Google cannot read your video, adding text is a great way to help Google index your masterpiece.

I edit in Premiere, and unfortunately Premiere CS6 does not have closed captioning capabilities (apparently Premiere CC does, but I have yet to use it.)

Luckily, transcription is made simple with YouTube’s closed captioning manager, where you can upload your own version (instead of relying on their generated one.)

1) Transcribing with a blog post

Probably the easiest way to include keywords about your video is in your blog post, meta tags and description. That way Google can crawl your page and understand what it’s about. It’s recommended that your most important keyword is in the first sentence of your description, blog post, and tags.

2) Upload a separate file to YouTube’s closed captioning system

In YouTube’s video manager, click edit on your video. You will find a closed captioning area where you can upload your own transcription.

The easiest way is to edit their generated version to ensure that all of your keywords and meta tags are included.

You can also make your own from scratch by using CaptionTube.

Corporate Video Production Toronto

The user interface for uploading closed captioning to YouTube.

3) Not neccessary for SEO, but you can embed text into your video file

Traditional broadcast closed captioning encodes their transcription in line 21 of NTSC video using a .scc file.

You don’t really need this for SEO. But if you’re curious to know how to caption like the pros, this section is for you.

You will need MovieCaptioner, which requires Quicktime Pro to run. It’s a bit difficult to use, but it’s the only way to create .scc files that I know of.

After transcribing, export a .scc (file only) from MovieCaptioner.

Then in Compressor, import your video file. Export your video file as an MPEG2 Program Stream and in inspector attach your .scc file in the additional information tab under “closed caption file.”

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