How I Met Your Mother ALTERNATE ending leak


As it turns out, many of you were disappointed with the How I Met Your Mother season 9 finale. Not to fret: an alternate ending was leaked online. And it’s much happier.

TRACY DIDN’T DIE. Instead, the final minutes were a recap of the entire show. After 9 years of searching for the right woman, Ted finds her standing underneath a yellow umbrella.

Ted discovers it’s actually his umbrella with his initials on it. But Tracy argues she left it at a dance party on St. Paddy’s day and her initials are the same. It turns out to be both of theirs in a strange twist. Tracy looks into his eyes and says: “Funny how you just find things.” Cha-CHING!

They continue talking, the camera pans out, and the voiceover says, “And that, kids, is how I met your mother.” Punchy, snappy, and happy. Unlike that depressing ending we got.

The How I Met Your Mother alternate ending was supposed to be revealed on the box set that was set to release on September 23rd. But you can watch it here. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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