How Does My Himalayan Cat Stack Up Against Grumpy Cat, Nyan Cat, and More


Ok, please excuse my self-fulfilling post about my cat, but I took this picture and I think my baby is beautiful. So far the Internet agrees:

Not only is my cat a stud, but he’s also ridiculously funny. Take for example that time I tried to get him to model with the aiRider vacuum cleaner:

himalayan cat funny joseph morris

Nonetheless, it got me thinking about the Internet’s fascination about cats.

Like peanut butter and jelly, Internet and cats have always seemed to go perfectly together. So who are the Internet’s most famous cats? I rank them according to their Facebook following.

1) Grumpy Cat – 2, 312, 510

grumpycat joseph morris

2) Nyan Cat – 2, 311, 638 (with over 105 million YouTube views)

3) Sockington – 1, 397, 328

sockington joseph morris

4) Simon’s Cat – 1, 345, 716

5) Lil BUB – 439, 572

lil bub joseph morris

6) Anti-Joke Cat – 301, 237

7) Bad Joke Cat – 121, 473

8) Keyboard Cat – 78, 965

9) Anfield Cat – 69, 140

10) My Himalayan cat AKA Monte – 0 (but the only way to go is up, right?)


  1. I look forward to seeing him float on the Airider Joseph… Gonna be great to pull off that scit!! Lol
    Gr8 work,,


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