Haven’t you ever wonder what makes Kim Kardashian’s selfie game so on point? No, it’s not Photoshop. It’s a special device that Hillary Clinton unveiled on Ellen.

Clinton took a selfie with the Queen and King of Selfies, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, in L.A. They were there for a fundraiser for the Democratic front-runner.

Clinton explained, “First of all, she was very nice and of course when she says to me, ‘Can we take a selfie?’ I said, ‘Hello, of course.’ I mean that’s like an obvious answer. She takes out her phone and she presses the button – I’ve never seen this anywhere else … She pulls it out, it has lights all the way around it, like, little tiny, tiny lightbulbs.”

Kim Kardashian unveiled her secret sauce on Twitter, “Selfies about to be LIT!!! The secret to my selfies  http://Lumee.com

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