Katie Price’s son Harvey says C word on Live Television to Internet Trolls


Katie Price is accused of exploiting her son Harvey after he shocks viewers by using the c word on live television.

On Loose Women topic of discussion was online bullies.

Katie Price asked her son what he would say if one of those bullies were to attack him, to which he replied, “Hello, you c***ts.”

Harvey was born blind with a rare genetic condition Prader-Willi syndrome.

Katie wanted to bring her son live on air so people so people can see him ‘unedited’

Katie defended her decision, saying: ‘It’s important to me for people to see how vulnerable he is, how much I love him and I’m not stopping when it comes to the issue of trolling.’

Others agreed with her sentiments.

@Lady_Carolina_ on Twitter writes, “Harvey price expressed himself and stood up to bullies. Let’s focus on that rather than a silly 4 letter word.”

The former glamour model is planning on visiting schools to educate children about disability

She wants to fight back against trolls who write ‘disgusting’ things about him.

Was Katie Price exploiting her son by putting him on live television? Watch the video above and let me know in the comments below!


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