Hamilton FULL Performance at The White House: Alexander Hamilton and My Shot Hit, President Obama


Hamilton at The White HouseThe cast of the hit broadway musical Hamilton performed at The White House today. The talented cast performed “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot” from the show. The White House streamed it live for anyone to watch.

And it’s official: I’m going to cry when Obama leaves. Who else would do this?

President Obama gave a brief speech about why he believes that Hamilton is not only educational, but important:

“Lin-Manuel [Miranda, the creator of Hamilton] identified a quintessentially American story: The character of [Alexander] Hamilton, a striving immigrant who escaped poverty, made his way to the New World, climbed to the top by sheer force of will, and pluck, and determination. Lin-Manuel saw something of his own family, and every immigrant family.”

“And in the Hamilton that Lin-Manuel and his incredible cast and crew bring to life, a man who is just like his country — young scrappy, and hungry — we recognize the improbable story of America, and the spirit that has sustained our nation for over 240 years.”

The improbable story of America. That gave me incredible chills, tears to my eyes. I just go back to the days of the rugged individualist.

The Hamilton cast have been hyping the appearance all week with the hashtag #Bam4Ham on Twitter.

The star and writer of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is joined the President and the first lady for the event. The cast performed songs from the show and answered questions from the school children.

The musical is based on the true story of Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton is the nation’s first treasury secretary. It is performed by a young African-American and Latino cast. The soundtrack features everything from R&B hits to rap battles.

The entire Obama family are big fans of the show. The president took daughters Sasha and Malia to see it last year after Michelle Obama caught it last spring.

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