Grumpy Cat Guests Host WWE Raw – A behind the scenes look with Tyson Kidd and John Bradshaw Layfield

grumpy cat wwe raw

Grumpy Cat guest hosted WWE raw last night. There was nothing better than seeing a bunch of big, muscular, scary looking men get so happy holding a small animal.

The back stage pictures revealed WWE superstars looking ecstatic to be in the presence of Grumpy Cat. Tyson Kidd and John Bradshaw Layfield both share the images on social media.

But Grumpy Cat, in true fashion, was less than thrilled to guest host WWE. The Miz and his stunt-double Damien Mizdow presented the cat with her very own stunt double. The infamous cat just sat there, unimpressed.

The Miz eventually got frustrated and storms off. But he comes back and apologizes with a kiss on the head. How endearing.

The internet-famous cat has been making the rounds at various events (even in my hometown of Toronto). What do you think? Is this animal cruelty or all in good fun? Either way, Grumpy cat is having none of it!


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