Gordon Lightfoot Performance 2013


What would life be without music?

I thank my mother, from the bottom of my heart, for putting me in music lessons when I was young. I never really appreciated it until later in life.

I gave piano up in my teens but swiftly came back to it later in life. It has attributed to various successes in my life including being able to type fast and have an aptitude for math (though I don’t have the patience for it).

But it also gave me an appreciation for all things beautiful. Something that I feel us Torontonians who are so wrapped up in our “New York Minute” lifestyle forget to notice.

Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Gordon Lightfoot play live at The Cambridge Club. Funnily enough, I have a book from the 70s sitting on my piano that I play from time to time (re: Elton John). I once tried playing “If You Could Read My Mind,” and had a very tough time grasping his technique.

Playing Lightfoot is all about his technique. It’s a style I am not used to, and it’s a masterful one at that. His music was so touching, and he sings with such heart. Gordon Lighfoot’s lyrics are so deep and meaningful. It was absolutely surreal seeing a living legend play live in front of my very eyes.

Check out the video above!


  1. Thanks for the great video! I always love seeing Gordon on his own with just his guitar..it doesn’t happen often tho. I spoke with him just before his birthday on the 17th and he sounded terrific and looking forward to getting back on tour in 2014! lol my goodness…I’ll be there..thanks again!
    http://www.corfid.com (fan based Lightfoot site)


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