GOP Debate Highlights February 25 2016: Donald Trump to Ted Cruz on Hillary Clinton “If I can’t beat her, you’re really going to get killed”


Tonight at the GOP Debate we saw everyone attacking each other. While Ted Cruz was attacking Donald Trump, he interrupted him and said regarding Hillary Clinton, “If I can’t beat her, you’re really going to get killed.” Which is true, it seems that Trump is taking the Republican Party by storm and may be their only hope!

Meanwhile Marco Rubio left no holds barred and came after Donald Trump. He said that if it wasn’t for his inheritance Trump would be selling “watches in Manhattan.” He also attacked Donald Trump for his University where students paid $32,000 for a “fake University.” All they received at the end of it was a cardboard cutout for their effort. He also called out Trump on his lack of plan when it comes to healthcare.

Marco Rubio attacked Donald Trump on his He also said that if he were to build a Trump Tower he would use illegal immigrants to do so. He told the viewers to Google polish workers doing illegal labor for Donald Trump. Rubio also pointed out that some of Trump’s clothing line is made in Mexico. And he wants to do destroy the relationship he does business with.

Donald Trump was insulting a bunch of his competent tonight. He said to Ted Cruz, “You’re the basket case… go ahead, don’t get nervous.” Ben Carson interrupted feeling a little left out and requested to be attacked. Trump called Ted Cruz a joke artist and Marco Rubio a liar. Trump pointed out that no one is on Ted Cruz’s side despite working with them. He also says that Rubio is not a negotiator and he watched him have a meltdown. Marco Rubio shot back that he’s repeating himself, referencing last debate where people pointed out that he seemed overly rehearsed and said the same things over and over again.

Trump responded to the former Mexican present that “the wall just got 10-feet taller.”

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