GOP Debate Highlights 2016: Intro BOTCHED by Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Forgot John Kasich


In tonight’s GOP Debate Ben Carson and Donald Trump joined forces to make the introduction insanely awkward. When Ben Carson was introduced, he didn’t take his place at the podium like the others. Instead, he just stood there. Seemingly confused, even taking a few steps forward but came back to his place.

When Donald Trump was introduced by the announcers, he stood beside Ben Carson and they engaged in conversation. Meanwhile the backstage people came out of the curtains telling them to keep moving. Jeb Bush’s expression as he passed the two was priceless (hence why it’s my cover photo).

The announcers were so flustered that they forgot about John Kasich. They retracted their statements that everyone was introduced and introduced him very awkwardly. He didn’t seem to be thrown off by it.

Watch the awkwardness of the botched republican presidential debate intro unfold in the video above and let me know what you thought about it in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe!


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