Best and Funniest Dog Vines Compilation April 2016: Playing Seven Nation Army, Corgi sinks basketball, puppy posing


Just try not to laugh, say aww or smile. These are the best dog vines that exist on 6 second video site.

  1. The Epic Tumbler vine by Steel Media Games has the caption, “How my grades went this semester” and has 1.4 million loops.
  2. The Peek-A-Boo Champion vine by Lauren Boettger has 4.1 million loops.
  3. The Office Explorer vine by Marnie The Dog has amassed 4.7 million loops.
  4. The Perfect Poser vine by Belle & Nate Villegas has the caption, “Amazing entrance and pose.” The vine has 32 million views
  5. The Clingy Tag-Along vine by Andrew Ericson reads, “god my dog is so clingy.” It has 9 million loops.
  6. The Gifted Musician vine has a golden retriever named Maple playing the drums to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. It has 58 million loops.
  7. The Dramatic Sneezer is a vine by Belle & Nate Villegas with 14 million loops.
  8. The Proud Stick Owner by Zwartbles Ireland has a caption that reads, “Happy is a dog with a big stick.” It has 9 million loops.
  9. The Professional Twerker by Lord Meech has a corgi shaking its butt to 2 Chainz. It has 4.6 million loops.
  10. The Prideful Climber by BEST VINES OF 2015 has 1.3 million loops.
  11. The Fluffy Struggler by WZRDlee reads, “I get knocked down. Puppy Style.” It has 800 thousand loops.
  12. The Best Friend by Lilly And The Hairless has 4.5 million loops.
  13. The Future NBA Star by Lauren Thomas has a corgi shooting hoops with the caption, “pro pool basketball player!” It has 27 million loops.
  14. The Hair Diva by I Follow Back – Vine Comedy has 700 thousand loops.
  15. The Face of Peer Pressure by Wellington Boyce reads, “My dog York won’t do it for the vine.” It has 12 million loops.
  16. The Nubby Legs by Nimble says has 18 million loops.
  17. The Noisy Talker by Zendaya<3 says, “This is the cutest thing ever!! A dog trying to talk!” It has 7 million loops.
  18. The Hardcore Rebel by Unexpected Thug Life shouts, “CHOCOLATE CAKE!? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?” It has 9 million loops.
  19. The Carefree Joyrider by Dinky reads, “THIS IS HOW I ROLL.” It has 1.8 million loops.
  20. The Street Thugs by Unexpected Thug Life says, “Don’t mess with the Russian street dawgs. They’re a ruff crowd!” It has 7.7 million loops.
  21. The Terrified Prey by meagan cignoli shows a puppy vs. vacuum. It has 1.8 million loops.
  22. Sexy Fireman by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund has 2 million loops.

Which hilarious dog vine was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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