Five little known facts about Superman to get you ready for The Man of Steel Sequel in 2016


The sequel to Man of Steel (rumoured to be called Superman vs. Batman) will be released in 2016, and here are some interesting facts about Superman to whet your appetite.

1) Superman couldn’t always fly
In the beginning Superman could only jump great distances. Coming from the planet Krypton where there was immense gravity, Superman could handle our planet’s gravity with ease.

Max Fleischer changed it so that he could fly because jumping proved to be difficult to animate.

2) Superman Battled the KKK
After World War II, the KKK came back with full force and membership increased. Author and civil rights activist Stetson Kennedy penned episodes where Superman fought men in white hoods. The 16-episode story arc entitled ’Clan of The Fiery Cross’ exposed the ridiculousness of their beliefs. Membership greatly dropped.

3) Pink Kryptonite makes Superman gay

Unveiled in “Supergirl (Vol. 4) No. 79,” pink Kryptonite gives Superman gay tendencies. After being exposed, Superman starts complementing Jimmy Olsen on his wardrobe: ““Did I ever tell you how smashing you look in bow ties, Jimmy?”

On the other hand, periwinkle Kryptonite makes Superman “fabulous,” hallucinating a psychedelic disco scene and dancing with Lois.

4) Superman sold for $130

Cleveland high school students Jerry Siegelad an Joe Shushter sold Superman to Detective Comics in 1938 for $130. They later tried suing DC Comics and their family continued the lawsuit long after their deaths.

Adjusted for inflation, the amount would be $2,100 today. The cashed check was sold an at an auction for $160,000 to an anonymous party.

5) The Superman Curse

The Superman Curse claimed many victims: George Reeves committed a suicide shrouded in mystery; Christopher Reeve became paralyzed; Richard Pryor became diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; Marlon Brando suffered family heartache; and Lane Smith was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The youngest victim was Lee Quigley. The British infant played Kal-El in 1978 at seven months old. Lee died at the age of 14 from solvent abuse.

There you have it, some facts about Superman you probably didn’t know!


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