Fifa World Cup Opening Ceremony 2014 Highlights with Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull


Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull dazzled at the FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony 2014. Couldn’t make it out to Sao Paulo, Brazil? I have you covered like a really good defenceman (see, I sort of know what I am talking about).

The ceremony kicked things off by showing the rich culture of Brazil. Displaying their wide range of vegetation – from grass to trees – and celebrating their aboriginal people.

The entire ceremony was polished off with a dazzling performance by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte joined them on the FIFA World Cup anthem, “We are One.”

There were some minor mishaps. When the globe in the middle opened for Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s grand entrance, it didn’t rise up all the way. Instead, Jennifer Lopez looked confused and a little afraid. Luckily, Pitbull smoothed things out by helping her out.

There was only a brief glimpse of the inaugural opening ceremony goal kickoff. But we did see the paraplegic in a robot suit kicking the football.

For more highlights and my coverage, please check out the video above!



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